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Chat the Planet: Bridge to Baghdad I (CLIP: Waleed)

Published 2003

Bridge to Baghdad I was filmed on March 1, two weeks before the start of what became "Operation Iraqi Freedom." Youth in New York City and their peers in Baghdad had a live dialogue with one another about the future of the nations which they will someday govern. Days after the U.S. declared the war officially over, NextNext Entertainment and DCTV again sent a crew to a now smoldering Baghdad to rediscover the young Iraqis. Bridge to Baghdad II allowed these two groups to resume the conversation that was cut short by a war. In the second show, the young Americans and Iraqis were finally able to ask the questions which have been burning inside them for weeks: What happened during the war? How do you feel now that Saddam is gone from power? In this hour long special, the American and Iraqi youth together tackle the largest question of all: what now?

Production Company NextNext Entertainment & DCTV
Audio/Visual sound, color


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